How to become a professional coach
and make money by helping people
What’s included?
6 videos
With essential information that will help you learn about:
ICF definition of coaching

The potential of the coaching profession

How to become an ICF (capitalized) accredited coach

CF core competencies and 47 PCC markers

How coaching is different from other helping (added the word) professions
How to structure your work with clients
One of the videos
is a behind-the-scenes demonstration of a 30 min coaching session as an example of how coaches work with clients!

Materials and bonuses
You will receive your free personalized bonus - we will keep it a secret for now
You will also receive a helpful guide and checklist to help you prepare for the coaching session
We are planning to share only essential information based on our many-years experience to dispel any doubts you might have. You will have a clear understanding of what steps you need to take to become a professional coach.
Professional Certified Coach PCC, ICF member

over 2000 hours of coaching at a Fortune100 company

experience working as a coach for the largest direct healthcare company in the world

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Certified Mentor Coach

Over 7 years of coaching experience

Learn how to be different, become more professional, (added a comma) and increase the quality of your life with coaching.
The possibilities are limitless!

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