Discover the basics of the International Coaching, with zero NLP techniques and obtain an international ICF Certificate of Completion
Online live Zoom mini-course, starting March 1th.

12.5 hours, 3 weeks,
2 times a week for 2 hours

International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited course "Fundamentals of International Coaching"

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Main coach
Katia Bogdanov
Professional Certified Coach PCC ICF
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This course is designed for those who are eager to understand what a true International Coaching is.

A course for those who are looking to develop an additional business or communication skills, or even obtain a new profession.

This course is a wonderful opportunity to understand how Coaching skills may help improve the quality of life. Will demonstrate a possible shift of the communication skills with others, on a completely different level.

You will experience a real mastery of our coaches ( PCC ICF ) in real time without any tools or NLP. And will understand why it is great to be a professional coach.
You will understand who is an international coach is, and will learn the structure of working with a client in long-term contracts.
You will deepen your knowledge of the potential of coaching profession. Discover other areas of life where coaching skills can be applied for the benefit.
You will get familiar with the International Coaching regulations documents, necessary knowledge for Coach’s work, and receive an copy of it.
Test your knowledge by taking an online test with questions and cases at the end of the course, and consolidate your knowledge.
You will receive accreditation instructions for the largest International Coaching Federation -ICF, which will allow you to distinguish yourself from thousands of other coaches.

You will learn the depths of wisdom, getting a lecture from Jean-Francois Cousin (former president of the world’s largest coaching federation - ICF and one of the world’s 1,000 Master Certified Coaches (MCC).

You will receive an international CCE certificate, based on the standards of the world’s largest coaching federation - ICF.
What is necessary for obtaining CCE certificate?
a purchase of an “Optimal “ or “Maximum” program
Attend online, through Zoom at least 60 % of the course workshops
Take an online test of 20 cases/questions, and answer at least 16 correct
Why should you choose Coaching Up for your coaching training?

22% of ICF Certified coaches in Eastern Europe are our graduates! At the same time, there are more schools that teach coaching

There are nearly a thousand students currently studying coaching with us, which makes Coaching UP University a unique global organization with such a united International effort.

We are an International University. Our trainers come from 8 different countries and teach students from 50 countries in English, Russian and Italian.

At any of our courses we teach real International Coaching rather than NLP tools (for example, "Balance Wheel", "Scaling", etc.)

We are known for not only teaching, but also selling coaching services to companies, attracting our graduates. As of today 4 projects have been implemented. Further - more! )

Katia Bogdanov
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
Tatjana Stepakina
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ICF
International coaches and course speakers

Jean-Francois Cousin
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF
How the course is structured

Attend workshops online, live in Zoom with the ability to ask questions.

Use your private office, where you get to keep workshops' video recordings, in case you missed something, and receive additional coaching documents.

Enhance your knowledge through online tests with questions and cases in your private office

Course in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays, March 1th., 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST ( New York ) for the duration of 3 week

01.Who is coach according to the International standards. How coaching differs from counseling, mentoring, NLP practice and psychology services. The potential of the profession. International statistics. Q&A.


Live meeting on Zoom - 2 hours

02. Workshop by Jean-Francois Cousin - ex-president of the world's largest International Coaching federation (ICF), one of the 1000+ MCC level coaches in the World. Lecture on "10 Insights and 10 tips to coach at your very best by Jean Francois".


Recorded lecture - 2 hours. Available in the "Maximum" package.

03. Eight competencies in coach's work based on the International Coaching Standards. 37 markers that represent demonstration of the Core Competencies in a coaching session.
Live meeting on Zoom - 2 hours.
Our graduates’ feedback on their experience at our University
Quality guaranteed!

Our course has international CCE level accreditation from the world's largest International Coaching Federation ICF.
Check here.

We value our reputation :)
How does the course registration process work?
Complete an online payment for your selected package ( Min, Opt, Max ), indicating the correct phone number with the international format "+ ..." and your email.
Receive a link within 24 hours of payment to our Zoom room, a link to an e-mail and Telegram chat. Two days prior the course start, you’ll receive an access to your Coaching private office, only if you have selected the "Optimal" or "Maximum" package.
On March 1th. at 12:00 pm EST click on Zoom link and start your incredible journey into the World of coaching.
Choose your course participation package
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Attend lectures online

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Use your private office with notes of all lectures if you missed something

Recording of two lectures translated into Russian from the international Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF

Regular price 79 $
Attend lectures online

Ask questions

Use your private officewith notes of all lectures if you missed something

Recording of two lectures in English from the International Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF

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Attend lectures online

Ask questions

Use your personal account with notes of all lectures if you missed something

Recording of two lectures in English from the International Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF
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