An online coaching course for Level 1 ( ACC ) and Level 2 (PCC ) ICF accreditation starting on February 15th, 2022
Become an internationally recognized professional coach with no prior experience
Learn from master (MCC) and professional (PCC) International leaders and coaches during our program

There are 14,634 coaches in USA out of 39,172 in the world who holds an with
ICF International Accreditation
As of October 2021, based on data from the website of the world's largest International Coaching Federation (ICF)

of Coaches who call themselves " a Coach " on Facebook, hold international certification

Stand out from 92%
Become an internationally certified coach with high standards

Become an international certified coach from scratch.

There is a limited number of training programs that will allow you to acquire an International Coach Certification with ease. It is essential to invest your time and money wisely.

Our course

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

(ACSTH) - 60 hrs

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program
(ACTP) - 130 hrs

Coach Training without ICF Accreditation

Submitting an audio file of 30 - 60 minutes coaching session with word-for-word transcript.
Your recorded coaching session for the final submission to ICF is completed during the course.
Submitting audio file of 30-60 minutes coaching session with word-for-word transcript, AND supporting documentation that shows a training meets ICF standards.

Paying out of pocket for mandatory 10 hrs of mentoring, costs ranging between $1500 - $3000.
The course includes 10 hrs of mentoring, at no additional cost.

Finding a certified mentor coach and paying between $1500 - $300 for 10 hours of mentoring.

Paying between $500 - $775 to ICF to submit your application.

Paying between $ 100 - $300 to ICF to submit your application.

Paying between $675 - $875 to ICF to submit your application.

Waiting 16 - 18 weeks to receive the result of your application.
Waiting about 4 weeks to receive the result of your application.

Waiting 16-18 weeks to receive the result of your application.

Based on ICF data as of December 11, 2021

22% of ICF certified coaches in Eastern Europe graduated from our coaching program. We began our training path in 2018.
We are not alone. There are hundreds of coaching education programs in the WORLD, some with more than 20 years of experience, who have graduated thousands of coaches. Coaching Up strives to make coaching education more affordable, professional, and engaging, so that it will never be difficult to obtain ICF’s International Coach Certification in the future.



We have trained and graduated

where 129 (26 %) have already earned their international coaching certification and 105 (22%) are in the process of acquiring it.


alumni projects

We attracted our graduates in
We involved our graduates in executive coaching. Each student had the opportunity to build their own independent coaching practice.



of training available : English, Italian and Russian



teach in our programs. Master Certified Coach (MCC) is the highest level of International coaching credentials.



instruct lessons in our programs. Professional Certified Coach (PCC) is the second level of three International Coaching credentials. They have completed 500 + hours of coaching services.


Total number of students
are currently studying coaching in our programs
in 33 International cohorts in English, Italian, and Russian


are represented by our students at Coaching Up University. We are open to the whole world.
different countries
Why do we train by International Coaching Federation standards?

Our choice

is International Coaching Federation (ICF) USA
41,000 members
1995 year of foundation

European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Belgium

6,200 members
Founded in 1992

Association for Coaching (AC), United Kingdom

7,800 members
Founded in 2002

International Coaches Union (ICU) Russia 270 members
270 members
Founded in 2011

International Professional Association of Coaches and Trainer (IPACT) Ukraine
No member information
No information about the year of foundation
No association site

Other Coaching Organizations
What is an international coach?

An international coach does not give advice, but rather creates an environment where clients feel heard, discover their true potential, find solutions to obstacles, and make meaningful change in their lives.

A coach certified by ICF works in a collaborative, professional relationship with clients and does not apply special techniques or tools (e.g., balance wheels, scaling, etc.)

Coaches sell their time although responsibility for desired results remains on the clients. Which allows the clients to achieve their goals, relying on their own strength.

What are the opportunities of a professional coach with ICF certification?

Certified coaches can help clients through BetterUP, a company that sells coaching services and is worth more than one billion dollars. All of this can be done remotely.

Become fully independent and be your own manager. Create a coaching practice as your main or additional source of income. Offer your services starting at $100 + per hour.

There are 1.3 billion English speakers around the world.
Endless opportunities to help others on many topics, from relationship challenges to building a business. Since coaches do not give advice, they do not need to be an expert in a particular field.
Everyone needs a coach. When everything goes well, people turn to coaching to maintain success and achieve new goals. When things don’t go so well, people want to make the right changes in their lives.
Tilda Publishing

As an internationally recognized and ICF-accredited coach training institution, our training courses are acknowledged and recognized as “one of a kind” by our international graduates and produce highly-qualified and highly-skilled coaches. We believe that obtaining ICF certification is integral to starting a coaching career, so we have made the path to certification as simple as possible: Starting from 4 months to 8 months programs, at your choice.

The Highest Accreditation Level from ICF - Becoming an International Coach is Easy

Training without any NLP tools is pure coach training.

Identify your own individual coaching style while learning from Master Certified and Professional Certified coaches.

No homework! Commit only 2 times a week for 2 hours each.

Live workshops on Zoom - Learn while practicing and engaging.

106 hours of practice out of 130. Develop both your skills and knowledge of coaching.

33 cohorts of students have graduated and 26 are studying now. What makes our course unique?

There are many coaching courses,and then there are coaching courses with International accreditation.

Training programs with "all inclusive" type of teaching have ACTP (Level 2) accreditation, which includes all the activities within the program to become an internationally certified coach. And that allows you to distinguish yourself from other thousands of coaches in the world.

Coaching Up courses offer international coaching certification by the world's largest coaching organization, The International Coaching Federation (ICF). The verification of our programs and information in the ICF catalogue of coaching education is available by this link here.
The "Reviews" section on our Facebook page is open! This is very rare for coaching schools because reviews can’t be deleted.

Our rating is 5.0 / 5.0 and 45 real reviews on Facebook here.

Are you employed?
Are you confident that your job will be of value in 20-30 years?

Anyone who wants to become independent in their career or create an additional source of income. By obtaining an international coaching credential, you have the opportunity to work with people all over the world.

Who is our course suitable for?

Increase your income with a modern service - International coaching. Complement your offerings with coaching for current clients and attract new clients.

Are you a psychologist, coach, consultant?
Do you have a limited financial flow?

Are you an Entrepreneur, Manager, or working in HR? Do you want to improve your business results?

Improve and advance your communication skills for an effective interaction, unleash potential in your business, and gain a larger demand on the market.

You will be able to live in a full-fledged partnership, learn to listen, support, believe and inspire loved ones and others. And that will have a beneficial effect on your relationship with them.

Do you dream of having a harmonious relationship with loved ones?
Our training is build to be conducted in partnership, with a support and only real coaching, zero NLP techniques
Live Zoom training where you get to learn simultaneously how to work as a coach via the Internet. No homework or pre-recorded workshops. All live! In case of your absence, you will be able to rewatch a recording of the workshop multiple times, in your personal University online account

32 meetings


A workshop is not a lecture, but a joined group with a practical interaction with a leading coach. Each workshop is aimed for the “in depth” study of 37 markers and 8 competencies, provided with cases and interaction in small groups.
3 + 17 meetings

MCC lectures

Master Certified Coach (MCC) is the highest coach accreditation in the world. 3 mandatory and up to 17 more free live lectures via zoom room from the international MCC level coach.
7 Mentoring


3 individual and 4 group mentorings (in groups of no more than 10 people). Mentoring is built to support a coach as much as possible by providing feedback to a recorded coach session, where a mentor (coach with PCC accreditation) helps to see a student's ability to demonstrate 37 markers. And to assist in identifying what else could be used to strengthen the new coachee’s own practice.
7 meetings


The test consists of 184 questions that are more challenging and promoting than the international ICF test. It is split into 5 parts and is aimed at assimilating knowledge. After submitting each of your answers, the correct one is shared immediately. On top of that we added an intermediate and final tests

7 meetings

Observed group sessions

Students conduct coaching sessions in the trainer’s presence.The sessions are analyzed, based on the 8 competencies, with the class involvement in a discussion format. The trainer helps the student to see which of the 37 markers have been developed, and what can be improved in the demonstration of the remaining markers.
6 meetings

Supervised private sessions

Each student receives 4 feedback of their session in a live zoom room, and 2 written feedback. This is meant to help the student to identify developed markers and understand what can be enhanced for the remaining markers.

6 meetings

demo sessions

A coach with international PCC accreditation conducts a full coaching session with one of the students in the class. It is followed by a group analysis of this session, where the trainer answers questions on the implementation of the 37 markers.

6 meetings

of triples

Students during the class work in triples, alternately playing the role of a coach, a client and observer. The goal here is to observe and identify demonstrated markers and mark the points that require attention and note missing markers. The observer is meant to learn by helping another.

2 meetings


In groups of max 10 people, a professional supervisor helps to analyze the situation faced by the student, conducting a coach session, where the coach's personality intervenes in the process of the session. A broader view leads to transformation of the coach and group members

2 meetings

Speed dating

Dynamic work in pairs with a change of partner under the supervision of a trainer in order to develop the skill of defining a goal / contract for a coach session

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Why should you study with us?

ACTP ICF in final training

What does the ACTP international diploma give according to ICF standards?
Easily obtain international accreditation according to ICF standards without sending your session for verification in the USA (almost no risks)

Possibility to apply directly to the second of three levels of international accreditation - Professional Certified Coach ICF
payment of the ICF fee is not from $ 380, but from only $ 180 for applying for accreditation valid for 3 years
How do I get an international diploma at the end of my studies?
Attend 80% of online meetings in the Zoom room. If you miss something, you can attend a similar lesson on another day or see in the recording

Attend 6 supervised sessions included in the program

Complete 10 hours of mentoring included in the program: 3 hours individual and 7 hours in groups of no more than 10 people

Successfully pass the examination session, which must contain the manifestation of 37 ICF markers

The power is in the difference. Learn from Master (MCC) and 3 Professionals (PCC) from 4 countries

Every lesson on the schedule is almost led by a different coach. You can attend the same lesson several times, or you can attend once, which will allow you to complete the training much faster

Jean-Francois Cousin
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF
President of the International Coaching Federation in 2019

Katia Bogdanov
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
Artur Chernikau
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF
Julie Cusmariu
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF
109 hours of real practice out of 145 hours of live online learning

All training is in English online in the ZOOM room, without homework, and how often you choose

And time itself is up to you:

12:00 pm EST New York / 6:00 pm Berlin / 5:00 pm London
14 hours of practice from 21 hours of training
20 hours on 8 ICF competencies


01. Workshop / 2 hours. Introduction to the training course. The basics of coaching.
02. Workshop / 2 hours. Competence # 1: Learn ethics at work. Analysis of cases for the manifestation of competence # 1.
03. Workshop / 2 hours. Competence # 2: Embodies a coaching mindset.
04. Demo session / 2 hours. Conducting a coach session by a trainer with one of the students and analyzing it. Focus on the coach's mindset.
05. Workshop / 2 hours. Competence # 3: Features of an introductory session with a client.
06. Demo session / 2 hours. Conducting a coach session by a coach with one of the students and analyzing it. Focus on the introductory session with the client.
07. Workshop / 2 hours. Competence # 3: Contract session with a client.
08. Demo session / 2 hours. Conducting a coach session by a coach with one of the students and analyzing it. Focus on the contract session with the client.
09. Workshop / 2 hours. Competence # 3: Building and maintaining relationships with the client in a session. Analysis of cases for the manifestation of competence # 3.
10. Workshop / 2 hours. Speed ​​dating by competency # 3. Quick short pairs between students with debriefing and coach support.
11. Online test / 1 hour. A cross-section of knowledge by the module as a whole and by competencies # 1, # 2 and # 3. Passing the test helps to structure the knowledge gained more effectively when solving test cases and formulating answers to questions.
Results after Module 1:
  • You will understand what international coaching is.
  • You will learn the basics of ethics in coaching by international standards.
  • You will master competencies # 1, # 2, and # 3 with a test.
Why is our course without Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

There are many training programs based on the use of NLP tools. Unfortunately, this is also the case in some ICF accredited programs, as it is not always what ICF accredited programs are taught. This is also why there are now only 8% accredited coaches (catalog here) out of the total number of people who call themselves coaches, since there is no way to get a coach accreditation using NLP.

In coaching, nobody programs anyone.

There is neuro linguistic programming (NLP), that is, the programming of the nervous system / brain with words, and there is coaching

On Wikipedia, NLP is a pseudoscience

"... NLP is based on outdated ideas about the structure of the brain, incompatible with modern neuroscience ..."

NLP tools imply assessment

The NLP practitioner, after evaluating the request, chooses one of the NLP tools at his discretion. For example, "balance wheel". Coaching is about non-judgement

NLP is not taught in USA and EU universities

We did not find any NLP training programs at public and large commercial universities in the United States and Western Europe. But there are found 46 coaching training programs

We guarantee

Train in such a way that we will be ready to sell your services ourselves, involving in projects for the provision of coaching services for companies

Lack of homework helps not to feel like a "black sheep", as it might be if you didn't have time to do something. All that is required from you is attendance at the course events

We will give 92% money back even after the first three activities of the course, if you don't like something. If at some point you want to interrupt the training, we will refund the money for those events that you will not attend. Refunds within 7 days minus 8% (direct bank charges)

There is the possibility of academic leave for an unlimited time. Even two years after the suspension of training (with the return of your money), you can continue training from the point where you interrupted, or complete the course from the very beginning to the point where you interrupted it, free of charge

You will get an access within two months after the end of each module to video recordings and presentations of all events of this module in the personal account

Sign up for a course and start a coach career

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Do you still have questions? Call / write
+1 (646) 980 37 81
If paid in full
If paid in 8 instalments
Control the quality! An ICF accredited ACTP course must meet these requirements
Not all programs teach students to the version that has actually passed the accreditation for the ACTP level and meets the ICF requirements. The original requirements are given here

The course should be placed in the catalog of ICF accredited programs with an indication of the ACTP accreditation here

Our course was accredited by ICF according to the ACTP standard in January 2020, see confirmation here

80% of training hours should be spent in real time - online or offline, but NOT on record

On our course, training is carried out exclusively in a live format in Zoom, i.e. 100% real time clock

By 80%, training should be focused on 8 coach competencies and 37 markers of their manifestation in a coach session, see here

Our course is 95% training in 8 competencies and 37 markers. See the detailed training program

Each student should receive a review of 6 of their sessions from an ACC-level observer coach

2, 3 and 4 modules of our course contain 2 live analyzes and 4 in writing form from observers - ACC coaches

Each student must receive 3 hours of one-to-one mentoring from a PCC level coach

Each student of our course receives 3 mentoring of 1 hour duration exclusively with a coach of the PCC level

7 hours of mentoring in groups of no more than 10 people from a PCC level coach for at least 3 months

We have 4 meetings of 2 hours each in the form of mentoring in groups of 10 people. See the detailed training program

IMPORTANT! If you see disturbance of the above requirements in an ICF accredited program, you have the right to contact ICF
Before the start of the course:
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