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Professional Certified Coach Training Program
Become a PCC coach in 7 months with our all-inclusive coaching certification training program. The program is ACTP accredited by the ICF.
September , 15th
International Certificate ACTP
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Online cource with with the highest ACTP ICF accreditation
Online Mode
Live Zoom meetings 2 times a week for 2 hours. No homework, just practice.
Knowledge base
Access all training videos, lectures and practice tests from your personal account
104 hours of practice out of 130 hours of program training allow you to master coaching skills
7 hours of group mentoring in groups of 10 and 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring with PCC coach
ACTP Certificate
Upon successful completion of the course you will receive an ACTP Certificate of completion accredited by ICF
Connect with coaches and students live via messenger, discuss lectures and share your experiences
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What you will learn
Ethical principles and professional coaching standards
Learn how to create a coaching agreement, establish areas of responsibility for both client and coach, and how to follow ethical principles
Plans and goals
Learn how to plan and set goals, how to help clients identify their true objectives, and commit to the learning and development plan
Progress toward achieving goals

Learn how to ask questions in a way that helps your clients to progress toward desired outcomes
client awareness

Learn how to motivate client awareness to help reveal broader perspectives
See new possibilities for your coaching sessions
Get 10 hours of professional mentoring coaching sessions from our PCC coaches. With the help of coach supervision, you will understand where your personal qualities conflict with the client's personality and how you can prevent and control it.
Become Professional Certified Coach
We not only teach, but help you to obtain the ICF accreditation. We guide you on your way to passing the exams and obtaining the ACC / PCC credentials.
Build your business
Learn how to build effective advertising campaigns, create a website, attract clients and earn money as a professional coach.

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This course is for
Non-accredited coaches
Business Consultants
Course Program
To master the coaching profession, you learn all the material by practicing with no homework.



Learn 8 ICF competencies of coaching and master your skills by practicing.
18 lecture hours
56 practice hours
Setting the foundation
Bonus Workshop: Guidelines and specific parameters of the coaching relationship. You will learn how to establish agreement for the overall coaching engagement as well as for each coaching session.

The goal of the module: setting the solid foundation for the coaching relationship with client

We will study Coaching Competency #1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice. So you can understand and consistently apply coaching ethics and standards of coaching.

We will study Coaching Competency #2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset to develop and maintain a mindset that is open, curious, flexible and client-centered.

You will learn how to establish the coaching agreement with client in the beginning of your relationship.

You will understand how to discuss logistics, fees, and the client's and coach's responsibilities, so you can manage your partnership effectively.
Co-Creating the Relationship

The goal of the module: setting a solid foundation for the coaching relationship with client

We will study Coaching Competency #3. Establishes and Maintains Agreement. You will learn how to create clear agreements about the coaching relationship, process, plans and goals.

We will study Coaching Competency #4. Cultivates Trust and Safety to partner with the client to create a safe, supportive environment that allows the client to share freely. Maintain a relationship of mutual respect and trust.
Communicating effectively
The goal of the module: to learn how to ask powerful questions, use your intuition, and how to be clear, articulate and direct in sharing and providing feedback, so the client can gain awareness and move forward.
We will study Coaching Competency #5. Maintains Presence. Learn how to be fully conscious and present with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded and confident

We will study Coaching Competency #6. Listens Actively. Learn how to focus on what the client is and is not saying to fully understand what is being communicated in the context of the client systems and to support client self-expression

We will study Coaching Competency #7. Evokes Awareness. Learn to facilitate client insight and use tools and techniques such as powerful questioning, silence, metaphor or analogy
Facilitating Learning and Results
The goal of the module: to learn how to create opportunities for ongoing learning and for taking new actions that will most effectively lead to agreed-upon coaching results.
We will study Coaching Competency #8. Facilitates Client Growth. Learn how to partner with the client to transform learning and insight into action. And promote client autonomy in the coaching process.
Strengthening the foundations of coaching and building a base of knowledge
The goal of the module: to complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment exam online.
We will work on improving proficiency in competencies #2, #4, and # 8.

We will gather in groups of 3 to practice coaching skills.

Bonus: group mentoring: together with a mentor, we will learn to
recognize and evaluate the use of coaching core competencies demonstrated by the coach
Get your ACTP certificate and apply to ICF for ACC or PCC credentials via a simplified process
18 lecture hours
56 practice hours
The cost of obtaining international accreditation is paid separately to ICF starting at $180.
Workshop. Minimal requirements for PCC credential accreditation

Practice session in groups of three with coach supervision - 2 hours

Prep for individual mentoring session in groups of three with coach supervision - 12 hours

Individual mentoring session – 3 hours

Mastering skills in competencies - 2 hours

Competencies # 2 - # 8 according to the ACC / PCC / MCC - 4 hours

Demo session and analysis with MCC coach - 6 hours

PCC coach-led group mentoring in groups of no more than 10 - 10 hours

Student-led group mentoring in groups of no more than 10 with PCC coach supervision - 4 hours

Observed coach sessions - 4 hours

Workshop. Preparation for the ICF test

Workshop. All about ICF certification. Final session of the training program

Bonus Workshop. Introduction and review of the new ICF competencies
Receive your ACTP Certificate
Get your ACTP ICF Certificate of Accreditation upon successful completion of the training program. Find an example of the certificate by clicking on this link

+ In addition apply for ACC/PCC ICF credentials via simplified method.
Different coaches -
different coaching styles
Artur Chernikau
Professional Certified Coach PCC ICF
Jean-Francois Cousin
Master Certified Coach MCC ICF
Katia Bogdanov
Professional Certified Coach PCC ICF
You can watch recordings of missed classes and webinars from your personal account.
Career growth
Take your first step towards a successful career as a professional coach
Neonelia Gutu
I believe that coaching is a power, not just a profession of the future. This is a skill that helps people figure out what they really want and what they are capable of. Coaching helps one find the resources within and reveal one’s personal strengths. Your life will only change for the better thanks to this program and unique approach to the education. I want to THANK the whole CoachingUP team for their help and support.
Anton Dmitriev
This program helped me understand what I really want and how I can achieve my goals. I learned how to overcome my fears, change my limiting beliefs, and became happier and more aware. Incredible program, great people, and supportive environment.
Tatiana Zubac
I have been choosing a coaching school for a very long time and now I am glad that I made the right choice. This is a high quality program with professional coaches and amazing students. The program is very intense and allows to dive deep and explore each topic in detail, by practicing coaching skills. The team’s accountability and the dedication of everyone made me fall in love with the magical world of coaching. I highly recommend CoachingUp, Andrey, and his professional team.
Carol R.
"Katia is an excellent professional coach. Her creative approach assisted me in opening doors to new ideas and perspectives that I would not have otherwise considered. She motivates you to action, supports your goals and ideas and provides a safe and secure environment to explore ideas and options without judgement. She kept me focused on my goals and moving forward to achieve them. She was awesome to work with!”
Beth C.
“ Katia, with your help and guidance, I've been able to develop the tools that I need to be more intentional in my daily life. Through coaching, I've learned how to utilize many stress management techniques and mindfulness skills that help me navigate life in a more meaningful way. My journey is ongoing, but I've been able to set micro goals for wellness that are attainable and keep me energized to continue on. Thank you, Katia!”
Catrina K.
What motivated me to seek a coach was my inconsistent sleep pattern. I was hoping for some quick advice on how to better eat, exercise or listen to the right music to help me rest better. I received much more than that!
During our coaching journey we explored my general wellbeing and areas that I wanted to improve. We set up specific goals and found ways to achieve them. I focused on daily routines to ensure increased awareness, motivation and mindfulness.
One year later, my sleep is no longer an issue and my personal growth is palpable. I would recommend coaching to everyone. Regardless of the initial reason for seeking help, working with the right coach will help one grow in ways never imagined.
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Lectures are
on Mondays and Wednesdays
from 5:00 P.M. PST

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Pay monthly
Special terms for those who studied coaching before.

Money back guarantee if you want to terminate your training process, we will pay you back for the lectures you will not attend (minus 8%).


Get the coaching profession and improve effectiveness of your communication.

Be free from work for The Boss in the future.

Create an alternative or main source of income.

Grow up in person by developing your awareness.

Stand out from thousands of coaches by getting an international accreditation via a simplified method.
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for 7 months
Money back guarantee
If after the first lecture you suddenly realize that this program is not the right fit, let us know and get your money back*. Your rights are protected by the International Coaching Federation.

Also, you can always take a break if needed and return to training at a later time with a different cohort of students.

* Processing fee and tax (8%) are not refundable
Answers to your questions
Is this program right for me?
Yes, if you want to become a truly effective and skillful coach without relearning in the future. Our program holds the highest global accreditation possible – ACTP by the International Coach Federation. You will be able to master all ICF core competencies of a professional coach and receive ACC / PCC ICF credentials. This will improve your chances of building a successful coaching career.
What is ICF?
There are many different professional coaching associations. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches. It has a 25 year history and 130 chapters in 65 (?70) countries.
ACC (Associate Certified Coach) is the first level of ICF accreditation that requires a minimum of 100 hours of documented coaching experience.

PCC (Professional Certified Coach) is the second level of ICF accreditation that requires a minimum of 500 hours of documented coaching experience.

MCC (Master Certified Coach) is the highest level of ICF accreditation that requires a minimum of 2500 hours of documented coaching experience.
What is ACTP?
ACTP stands for Accredited Coach Training Program. ACTP accreditation is earned by training providers who meet the strict standards of the ICF. This is the highest accreditation and provides the opportunity to teach coaching at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. You can check our program’s accreditation at coachfederation.org
How do your students benefit from graduating from the ACTP accredited program?
We provide a simple and straightforward path towards ICF accreditation that does not require sending a coaching session for verification. The program also decreases the application processing time by up to 10 weeks and saves up to $400 in fees.
What if I am already practicing coaching? Is this program for me?
The program will help you expand and refine your coaching skills as well as deepen your impact on clients. Graduating from this program will provide you with a simplified path towards the ICF accreditation. You will stand out from thousands of other coaches and will confidently be able to charge higher fees for your services.
What will the learning process look like?
The program lasts 7 months (10 months if you are taking the «Coaching as Business» course). The training consists of hands-on webinars, coaching sessions, and individual mentoring. If you miss a lesson, you can always watch its recording. Classes are held twice a week. Also, you always have an option to revisit the topic with the next cohort of students at a later time.

As soon as you get access to the course, a schedule of classes will be posted in your personal account. There, you will also find recordings of all the passed meetings, as well as practice tests.

Also, you will be able to connect with students and faculty in a private Facebook group.
What should I do if I missed a class?
If you miss a class, you can always watch its recording or attend an online class at another time. Classes are held twice a week. Also, you always have an option to revisit the topic with the next cohort of students at a later time. If you have any questions, you can contact your trainer in a private Facebook group.
How much time do I need for homework?
Step 1 and 2: Practice-based course with no homework assigned. You will practice a lot during classes and get direct feedback from your trainer. In order for you to pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) exam, which is required for obtaining ACC/PCC accreditation, you will be offered a practice test which mimics the CKA exam. It is estimated that you will need approximately 9 hours of practice to pass the exam. (high professional standards)
What is the personal student account?
It is your personal account with CoachingUp University which you can access after you register. As soon as you get access to the course, a schedule of classes will appear there.
How is the coaching practice organized?
There are a few ways to practice
  1. Analyzing coaching case studies in small groups.
  2. Demo coaching sessions at the PCC/MCC level and their analysis in groups of 35 people or less.
  3. Group mentoring - consisting of up to 10 members - where students work on coaching competencies, and a PCC level coach assists students with analysis and deeper understanding of sessions.
  4. Individual mentoring: student records coaching session and presents it to the mentor. Analysis occurs with PCC level coach, helping the student’s progress and growth.
  5. Observing live coaching sessions: students take turns as coaches and clients and are observed by ACC or PCC level coaches. The sessions are analyzed based on the ICF markers of professional coaching. Students are given constructive feedback to assist with their professional growth.
  6. Observing groups of three: students are split into groups of three to practice their skills, taking turns as a client, a coach, and a spectator. Live sessions or recordings are viewed and analyzed by an ACC level coach. The written feedback is given to each student.
  7. Practice in threes: students are split into groups of three and practice while taking turns as a client, a coach, and a spectator.
  8. Supervision: groups of up to 10 are supervised by a professional mentor coach where individual situations are explored.  
How can I ask questions?
During the session you can ask questions directly through the chat or through the microphone. The mentor will make sure to answer questions. After the lecture, you can message mentors via the Facebook group.
What certification will I receive after the course?
After successfully completing the program, you will receive ACTP certification. An example of the certificate. You will also benefit from a straightforward path towards obtaining ACC (first level)/PCC (second level) ICF accreditation.
What is needed to obtain the ICF accreditation?
Step 1: Complete our educational course. Completing - means being present at least 85% of the time for all of the required classes. Despite all recordings being available in your personal account, live participation is required by the ICF.

Step 2: Pass our program certification. To receive credit for your work, you must submit your recorded coaching session that should meet minimal ICF requirements for a PCC level.

Step 3: Submit documentation to the ICF for ACC/PCC accreditation. We will help you prepare your full packet of documents and support you on the track of obtaining ACC / PCC ICF accreditation. Please see the detailed ICF requirements here.

Other than the completion of our program, you must:
  • Have a minimum of 100 practice hours, at least 75 of them paid. We will help you break the barrier towards getting paid clients.
  • Pass the online ICF test (154 questions). After our practice tests, you should have no problem passing the ICF exam.
  • Send payment towards ICF Certification. The sum can vary from $100 to $300 depending on if you’d like to be an ICF member or not. Membership can be up to $245/year, depending on the month of registration.
Will I be able to work with clients after the course?
You will be able to begin effective coaching work with clients starting in the fourth month of the program.
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